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One Head Four People...

Posted on the 07 July 2015 by Brittany Elrod @BrittanyElrod
 What has 8 legs, 8 eyes, needs lots cleaning, smells a lot, holds four tooth brushes and has only one head? OUR SeaDragon head! It is tiny yet fierce!
 Many people ask us what it is like living in such a small space.
 I think for the most part it is a totally positive experience. It is a little rough sharing a head (bathroom) with three other people especially males! 
I love the fact that living aboard our small space helps us simplify life. 
The head itself is small but also has a lot of features that you would not expect.  If you look at the top left corner  of the door you will see a hook/ eye latch, we use this on a regular basis for two reasons. 
1. To help with air circulation and
2. When out on the water and the boat is moving back and forth it keeps the door from swinging open.
  I have been adding about a cup of vinegar and sprinkle in some baking soda to keep the smells away and keep the water stains clean in the bowl.
All in all it makes for an easy to use and clean space!

Here are a few pics that show the tight quarters where we do our business.

One Head Four People... One Head Four People... One Head Four People...The head has a back shelf with sliding doors that extends the entire wall where we store most of our toiletries. The storage bin on top of the counter has a deep well big enough to hold a first aid kit and several bath towels One Head Four People... There is also a cabinet under the sink that we place cleaning supplies. The brown sprayer that I am holding in the picture is used at the sink and as a shower.  The toilet is a standard pump style with a holding tank. One Head Four People...   One Head Four People...We have not used the head for showering except for occasional quick foot scrub but other than that we use the marina facilities for bathing. We all take turns and never have much of an issue during bedtime rituals such as brushing teeth, washing up etc.. 

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