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One Year. Wow!

Posted on the 13 July 2012 by Pratnala @PratNala

One Year. Wow!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It has been one year! One year of ReflectionsPN!

One year back, I started ReflectionsPN as a blog just to rant my mind. You can see it here. Well, it has grown much and today we are a team of three. No more is ReflectionsPN just a random blog. In one year, we have grown quite a bit. Well, not like a rockstar but still we have grown. We have grossed almost 19,000 hits and 275 likes on Facebook.

One year saw a lot of changes. We tried 2 features to interact with the audience, Contribute and Link the Web. While Contribute has been a runaway success and we have a nice collection of guest articles with varied perspectives, Link the Web didn’t take off and it was scrapped. In December, I decided that there should be some direction and gave it a Mission. And, this May, 2 new authors were added and we re-focused ReflectionsPN on five categories. Every post was sorted again. We decided that ReflectionsPN should be an agent for change and our latest guest article was a step in the right direction.

1 year has been a long time. And, today, we the folks at ReflectionsPN are announcing a new initiative.

Ladies and gentlemen, announcing “Uproot Evil“.

Uproot Evil is a new initiative to uproot evil! It calls forth people and organisations on a common platform to discuss and share their views on how to rid society of all its evils. Read more at Know more about it at Like it on Facebook. Follow it on Twitter.

Uproot Evil is an extension to the societal ambitions of ReflectionsPN. And, we hope it to see reach greater heights!

So what is our plan for the next year and beyond? We hope to see ReflectionsPN reach more people and see a healthy idea exchange. Our mission to bring about a change will grow stronger. And, we aim to expand more on social media as it is the best way to reach more people.

One year is over. Here is a toast to the next year and beyond!

Let’s bring a change!


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