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Orange Juice, Paisley and Influenza

Posted on the 23 February 2013 by Lily Hydrangea
orange juice, paisley and influenza
in the last 24 hours I have learned more about the flu than I ever wanted to know. most of what I learned is not too pretty. like for instance, the flu lives on surfaces infected people have touched then proceeds to lye in wait hoping its next victim will touch those very same surfaces enabling it to spread its misery from person to person as it journeys its way around the world. apparently some people get the flu without actually showing any symptoms. anyone can be contagious 24 hours before they start to show symptoms and will continue to be so until their symptoms leave. since many people go back to school and work while they are still exhibiting symptoms it's a wonder it is not more widespread. then I read that everyone who is exposed to influenza is affected by it. according to this article "why some people don't get the flu" it has to do with a "behind the scene active immune response even when you don't get sick" that has something to do with a high level of antioxidant precursors in some people's blood allowing them to respond to the bug by resisting the illness.
I'm not sure there is anything I can do about the fact that I have been in close proximity to our dear son who is fighting off the flu. he's been less than six feet away from me since we brought him home, well, except when he was sleeping in his bed down the hall. and I've touched pretty much all of his personal belongings as well. and though my hands are chapped from washing them again and again I did accidentally mistake his cup for mine today. so I have decided I will remain extremely well hydrated, I will get plenty of sleep and I will eat antioxidant rich foods. then I will hope and pray that I can drive him back to school when he is well again just in case I am not one of those people who don't "get" the flu.

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