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Pack and Move

Posted on the 24 November 2012 by Piaiamps @pemarikresta

My life has been on hiatus, and I blame it on all on us moving out. I don't know why I feel like my world stopped spinning when in fact it hasn't. My reading assignments continue to pile up, cases I have to digest are begging for my attention, and my stuff need to be packed the soonest because tomorrow is the big day. But there are too many and I feel lazy already just by looking at them.
Pack and Move
I should be thankful and lucky that my sister is here. She does everything! Everything! Even getting me a glass of water. I don't want to say that I love her because that's not me. But I'm so happy that she does all the things, even those that I should do. If only I could read her mind, I'd let her read my readings too haha. So yes, she started packing my books which occupied three boxes, by the way, and one of them is a balikbayan box. My books make two-thirds of all my stuff. Wow. Didn't notice it till now!
I can't wait to move out so I could move on with my life and start things anew at my new dark place! Hoping for better things to come!

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