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Paint on My Lips

Posted on the 10 May 2012 by Murasaki @eyeabs30
 Back in college im not fond of painting my lips any color. I was the conservative type back then. or should I say late bloomer? :)
anyhoo.. im loving lipstick nowadays. because it gives u instant pop of color. just change the hue and voila! ur face will lighten up.
it's not easy to find your perfect partner when it comes to lipstick. specially for me I am a Filipina with brown skin. I find it hard to wear light pink lipstick or nude (which is good for smokey eyes (^_^).
I just want to share my Lipstick collection just random mostly are local brand as im a cheapskate ~_~
First stop
Paint on my lips  Here they are lying on my bed like princesses :) lol
Paint on my lips Ever Bilena lipsticks from left to right: Pink Flame, Siennas,Mauvey,Mirrored Mocha, and Off beat (2)
Pink flame: I use this whenever I want to have a pink lips but still demure unlike off beat it's a light pink so the color is shouting on my lips.
Siennas: I never really like red lipstick. but this one is matte and a not so attention getter red. if you want glamour and confidence wear this red. with a slight makeup will do. I can say that  this is my favorite of them all I wear this almost everyday. an essential to my makeup kit.
Mauvey: My favorite lipstick whenever I do smokey eye makeup. I love this nude/pinkish lippie. it just don't go with my brown complexion so I don't wear it outside. Im using Mauvey here.
Mirrored Mocha: A brown lipstick that is appropriate for office work or a job interview. I use this whenever I feel like wearing a clean make up look. just a touch of color and im good to go.
Off beat pink: bought this lippie just to have a light lipstick on my stash. Whenever I feel like playing on my makeup I use this for picture taking. but I once use this with hubby he said it's nice color daw. ?_? . why I have 2? I thought I lost this lippie until I found it sitting at the pocket of my bag. now I got 2 :) 
Now for swatches \^_^/Paint on my lips
good thoughts:'s a local brand so the price is affordable but the quality is good. ='>'s matte so you will have that sophisticated look if u wear these lippies
...has a variety of colors to choose from
...can buy anywhere around the philippines
bad thoughts: dries my lips...for me
...the cap with the lipstick color on easily torn off
Price 150.00 php
Overall: there u go. I love these lippies 100%
the other lippies will be posted next...wait for that ohk-ey?
Mata ne ^_^V

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