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Posted on the 17 November 2012 by Skip1957 @skip1957
Many of us, who blog, have been on many sites, until we find that one we really like, people friend us, read us, and interact with us. It feels good to have people come by, and say Hi! I've been, and still am, connected to many sites. 

  So many of the sites I have joined, my little blog space, has remained empty. I wrote a few posts, and may as well have written them to myself, or even deleted them, before I even posted them. I'm not saying I'm the most interesting read, but it sure beats he says/she says, from some teenager, that is going around with their one finger stuck up as a one handed salute, and the other stuck up their ass.   We all have a need to be noticed, yes YOU do, you write, and WANT someone to read. That is what blogging is all about. Whether you are trying to sell me the latest condom, you know the one...tickle your fancy and hers, or just want to tell everyone about what your two year old just did, to make you either want to give them away, or what they did to make you laugh!  I once joined a site called Thoughts, which was started by a great guy, named Ben Odgen. He was way before his time if you ask me. He wanted a free site, that anyone over the age of 12 could join. It was a great site...until he decided to IMPROVE it. You see, you don't fix something, unless it's broken..it was never broken...until he decided to fix it. I wrote there for ages, and loved every minute of it, loved my friends there as well.  Not saying there wasn't the odd bullshit word war with some other blogger...hell I wish I could say it.One blogger and I, had the whole site up in arms..they didn't know who to agree with, or who to lynch. We eventually kissed and made up(cyber kiss) and we talk to this day.  The whole thing is, we try to find a place that fits us in, and make the best of it. I'm not new to Blogger, but it's only recently, that I get many readers. Those readers, are mostly people I met on Thoughts. I am so glad to have met them, and can still call them my friends.

  So, although I blog here at times, I still call Thoughts, my home. Now I'm not here to promote Thoughts, I just wanted to tell you all, where I started. As a matter of fact, I don't post there as often as I did. I visit every day, because I still have many friends there, some who often write great posts. Unfortunately, many of my friends have left, and moved on to other sites...I'm a stalker, and followed them. Many of us are now friends on those other sites. The one thing I do hope to accomplish by this post, is that you may take the time to check out Thoughts, and if you do, look me up. I'm known as Skippy1957 and if you need a friend, I'll be there.   Like I've said, it is my home on the internet, and my door is always open.Now I also want you all to take a look on the right hand side of this post. There should be a box, titled "Blogs of Note". Here you will find some people I like to read. Some maybe to your tastes, others, maybe not. They are all original, and at least give them a look. Sometimes we find a "gem" in a "rock pile"!  This is the internet, whenever we log on, we take a chance, we get bored at times with games, we often look at porn, and where the fuck do those freaks come from? we see statuses of what people are "eating"...fuck me, they even post pics of their dinner? People tweet the stupidest stuff...... If you like to read, and don't feel like picking up a book, check out some blogs.They are from real people, just like YOU, and sometimes, their home on the internet, would be a place that makes you get that warm fuzzy, comfortable feeling! Here is a link to Thoughts.com http://thoughts.com/, check it out, you may well like what you see, and maybe you can add something, that WE all would like to see!

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