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Power of Numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5

Posted on the 05 March 2013 by Chhavivatwani @chhavivatwani
power of numbers
0At first, there was nothing. And so we had Zero. 0 meant all the things around and the universe and us, and nothing.
1Bouncing and trolling came 1. With the power, the energy in every thing that will make us lives. The energy that will sustain us, grow us. It jumped up and down from where it came with a huge smile on its face. Ever dynamic. Ever unstable. Like the +1 charge of the proton in every cell of life. Vibrations.
2Then tumbled down the 2 from the North Pole and completed the South Pole by embracing it. And as it embraced, the Earth's spherical face came into being. And the sphere of the unstable proton. And the sphere of every sphere of life. Completion and combination.
3Swooshed in the 3. Speeding up the intensity. Catalyst-ing  the powers of 1 and 2. Three is for the catalyst that speeds up the thinking powers of you and I. The heart rate to 80 beats per minute. The growth of a green sapling. The rotations and revolutions of the planets. The wind and the current of the tidal sea.
44 brings with it the light. That illuminated the Universe. That made darkness its 2nd counterpart. It gives Sun and the stars to glower their 1 power. To shower their blessings over the non-living so it could breathe and see.
5And if you want them all to exist, in perfect harmony, then 5 it is that you need to bring forth friendly tides. Peaceful times to envelope all that is speedy dynamic form. It judges you not, it always enseeds, the human tendency, to surround themselves with their kind. The Sunflower to have the golden thread, joining it with the Sun bright. The plants to hold on to the soil with dear life called roots. This is the part that everyone always, tries to avoid and live alone in pride. But think again how living alone, in pride cost you that time. And make not that mistake ever again to ignore the power of five.

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