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Private Healthcare in Kuwait

Posted on the 13 January 2014 by Umkhaloodie


When I first came to Kuwait, I really hated that I couldn’t have my own little GP that I saw on a regular basis for checkups etc, I hated the fact that any hospital I went into that wasn’t a government hospital, I would have to open a file, give them my details and basically start from scratch… Having BIH, Lupus and a huge family history of lord knows what, it didn’t make it easy. But, over time I have come to love private healthcare. Over the summer in UK I was reminded of why it’s so good. Needing an antibiotic for a chest infection in UK can take up to a week or more. Appointments have to now be made 2 weeks in advance, getting an emergency appointment is next to impossible, I mean, how do you know you will need a doctor 2 weeks in advance… Bit silly really.
I woke up with conjunctivitis two days ago, only one eye but it proceeded to get worse. Luckily I was able to walk into a private hospital here in Kuwait and be seen within 5 minutes.
I heart the private healthcare system. Only downfall is not seeing a regular GP. It is a bit more difficult to find general practitioners here. I have however found a great lupus specialist and a lovely ophthalmologist so that does make life easier for checkups.
All of the private hospitals here are pretty much the same, there are the few Mickey Mouse workshops that just want to take your money but they are few. Just be sure to check out the qualifications of the doctors and surgeons. I heard a story once of a girl who was almost delivering her baby with a medical student…and no senior surgeon… Make sure you ask questions- it is YOUR health after all and YOUR money.

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