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Problems Commonly Faced by Female Teens

Posted on the 06 September 2012 by Eugenal @MRoyalDisaster

Stepping into a difficult age of adolescence the most part of girls are likely to feel themselves lonely and gradually become more and more reserved that leads to the lost of contact between them and their families. The problems they have to face are supposed to be unsolvable by female adolescents.

Problems Commonly Faced by Female Teens

  • In addition to the real existing communication or health problems they begin exaggerating the importance of the appearance which is not a bad thing until one can control it. The matter is that all the beauty standards that teens establish for themselves can hardly be met. These claims to acquire a look from the pages of a glossy magazine may ruin a yesterday child’s self-esteem. The teens should be explained that these standards are in the most cases unreal and unhealthy.
  • Another important thing to be discussed with a teenage girl is her skin condition and complexion. Don’t try to make her believe that acne problem is caused by junk greasy food, insufficient exfoliation or not drinking enough mineral water during the day. Comedones (or blackheads) and pimples are the result of the peculiarities of body functioning during puberty. The excessive amount of sebum produced by skin cells blocks the pores and prevent them from self-purification. The problem is temporal and can be solved by the usage of a good spot serum. If this problem brings too much inconvenience try to consult a doctor who will provide an individual treatment if necessary.
  • Being uncertain if they’re doing right female teens grow quite close to their friends in a search for advice and support. The same sexed peer relationships among girls are characterized by a high degree of emotionality. If a girl break up with her best friend she may be devastated or slip into a depression. The release of some personal information shared during close friendship may become the reason for bulling and humiliation at school.
  • Starting dating the girls hesitate to tell their boyfriends that they don’t like something of some offers seem to be suspicious to them. Saying “no” is a great problem not only among teens and young adults but also among grown up people. Tell your daughter that going backwards in her relationships is quite a natural thing to do and real affectionate feelings can be developed if both partners listen to each other. Mutual respect is the basis for the development of a healthy relationship.

Problems Commonly Faced by Female Teens

  • Some girls start to panic if something doesn’t go according to their plans. They are to be reassured that our life isn’t all about controlling and sticking to timetables and self-established and often inadequate rules. If she doesn’t have any opportunity to change the situation it should be taken easier. Exam failure, splitting up with a boyfriend or a quarrel with friends don’t automatically turn her into a loser. Other people won’t give her an assessment and decide whether she is good or bad taking her unsuccessful life events into a consider.

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