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Prom (Anniversary Special)

Posted on the 18 September 2012 by Piaiamps @pemarikresta

Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I virtually celebrated our anniversary. We made it through a year, thank heavens. We’ve been in a long distance relationship ever since we knew each other. And it’s never been a smooth ride. To culminate our humble milestone, I would like to share to you our little love story. Please bear with all the cheesiness and kabaduyan. 
Somehow, I believe that we were meant to be in a virtual long distance relationship. I was on my second year in college when Ambin started texting me. I was completely surprised to find out it was him because of his snotty reputation in high school.
Kids, this is the story of how I met the boyfriend.
Ambin and I live in the same small town and went to same schools in elementary and high school. He was my classmate's younger brother and a classmate of my sister. Even so, I never knew he existed. It was on the first quarter recognition day when I first heard of his name. He was one of the honor students in his class – third honors. I was a consistent honor student so I was pretty familiar with the studs who go up stage to receive their medals. He was never on the list. 
Soon my best friends found him interesting. He was (and still is) indifferent and detached from his batch-mates. He was a loner which made him an easy prey. If you don't know it yet, we were the meanies and bullies (well, I was hehe) in high school and we would always hunt those guys we like until they fall for us, then we’d ignore them haha. So one day, we followed him to his house and when we got there, we asked his mother if Moises, our classmate (who is his brother, in case you got lost), was there although we knew he wasn’t. We waited for Ambin to come out but it was a total fail hahaha. We left him alone since then.
Two years later, the unthinkable happened, he was appointed as my Prom partner. Our school prom is not like those seen in movies. We hold program and other formalities. Our adviser picks our partners, sometimes by alphabetical order of our surnames, by height or by his choice (teasing falls in this category). During our time, the batch officers of respective year levels were treated, let's say, more wonderfully. We sat on the front row, we led the marching, and we were paired with, well, good-looking boys. When my name was called, Ambin was chosen to be my partner by our adviser Sir Angel, out of nowhere. Everyone, not only I, was shocked. I remember our first conversation on one rehearsal wasn’t sweet at all. We were walking in the middle of the quadrangle after exchanging our gifts on stage when I told him to walk slowly because I couldn’t keep up with him. He replied, "dagmita ga (walk faster)." Ganun? Wala man lang effect ang beauty ko? Hahaha. The second conversation was on the Prom proper and it was expectantly short too. His aunt took a photo of us together but the photo film got damaged, our one and only photo together. HAHA
I went to college and never heard anything from him, mostly because walang akong pakialam sa kanya haha.Then one day an unknown number texted me. I easily dismiss strangers who text me but he was incredibly persistent. He got my attention when he said he's amazed that I liked One Piece so much. I panicked. Stalker ang peg? I asked my batch-mates who they think the guy was, they said maybe it's him. Still, we found it silly because of his reputation nga. He barely talks to his friends, manligaw pa kaya? So I asked him who he really was and he casually said that indeed he was Ambin. Everybody froze. No, I'm not kidding nor exaggerating.
We went out for 2-3 times, I think. And that was it. I was attached to another guy and none of my friends and family liked him, except for my besties who had a crush on him. I wasn't looking for a relationship back then and it was harder to give him a chance because of everyone's disapproval. I would never want to be in a you-and-me-against-the-world kind of relationship. But of course I somehow managed to make a little room for him. I eventually found him interesting too.
Ambin said he fell in love with me on that rehearsal day. He can even recount the blouse I was wearing haha. Sometimes he would tell me that maybe he was meant to fall for me. He noticed me way back in grade school pa, which makes me feel more guilty. HAHA

Prom (Anniversary Special)

Happy Anniversary, love! ♥

You know the Alchemist philosophy? "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it." Ambin must have wanted me so much. And though my family and fate (and my regular moodiness) are a little bit tough on us, I am happy with what we have right now. It took us 6 years to make us happen, now we're on for much more years of happening! :)

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