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Proof of a Good Year & Good Life, 33 Joyful Moments

Posted on the 10 March 2014 by Chasingjoy @chasing_joy
The more people embrace social media the more negatives we hear about it.  Things like cyber bullying, FB causing or increasing depression, and new sites popping up to shame mistresses are all negative social media uses that I have heard about recently.  Being a blogger I really enjoy social media and find a lot of positives in in.  One of the most positive uses of Social Media is to record life events.  Some are signifiicant and some are more mundane but all (or as much as you enjoy sharing) is all right there in your profile.
My birthday is only 7 days away.  I cannot believe I will be 34 years old.  I feel like I should be turning 28.  In honor of my upcoming 34th birthday and saying goodbye to 33 I am going to make use of the virtue of social media and share 33 of my most joyful moments from the past year. 
  1. I hosted my first Chasing Joy Brunch & Learn. 
  2. I did my boudior photos.
  3. I went to the Coke A Cola Museum
  4. I took my niece shoping
  5. I got my mom a tablet for Christmas
  6. I attended the Red Ball Post by Chasing Joy.
  7. I started the #100DaysofFitnessChallenge and made it past the midway point
  8. I hosted the Joy of Giving Charity Event where you Joy Chasers helped me collect over 250 items for the Astrazeneca Hope Lodge of Philadeplhia which provides free housing for people in treatment for cancer.
  9. I went to see planes with my nephew.
  10. I attended the Inspiration and Music Conference with my brother
  11. I lost weight doing a diet bet
  12. I attended Blogalicious 5
  13. I went on my first train ride
  14. I developed partnerships with other bloggers who believe in Chasing Joy
  15. My Sister-in-Law treated me to a pedicure.
  16. I got new 800 thread count sheets!!!
  17. Friends and I went out for Philadelphia Restaurant week multiple times
  18. I was able to wear clothes that had been too small on a couple different occasions. 
  19. I had a great co-hosting experience with @Curvy_Ceo at my 1st out of town Chasing Joy Brunch & Learn.
  20. For the first time every my cat Peanut let me dress him for Halloween
    Batman And Robbin are on the scene, Wishing everyone Happy #Halloween!!!
    — Chasing Joy (Arlett) (@Chasing_Joy) October 31, 2013
  21. I was selected as a social media ambassador for Power Up weekend in DC, where I got to meet a couple of my blogger friends in person for the first time. 
  22. On a random night outside of Target I saw the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile.  I'd never see it before.
  23. I was mentioned in my College's Alumni Newsletter.  Go TU!!!
    I'm so excited. I was mentioned in the @TempleUniv Alumni Magazine for my blog!!! #OwlForLife
    — Chasing Joy (Arlett) (@Chasing_Joy) July 24, 2013
  24. I received a gift for Valentine's Day.  
  25. I won an IPad Mini at a SITS Girls event in Philly!
  26. My mom and I went to see Blue Man Group, Wicked, and The Nutcracker.
  27. I attended a friend's wedding.
  28. Myself, Erica of Your Chic is Showing and Jeanene of Jeanene's world mad the front page of the local paper after the August #CJBL Proof of a Good Year & Good Life, 33 Joyful Moments
  29. I had a beach day at the Jersey Shore
  30. I hosted my mom and cousin for Thanksgiving Dinner
  31. I had front row press seating at the Curvy Closets Fashion Show
  32. I won a necklace that says I Will Find Joy In The Journey. 
  33. Several times throughout the year I have received cards, gifts, text messages,  and  random messages online from you guys with images of Joy or things to share online related to Chasing  Joy
From time to time, actually more often than I'd like, I will think about all of the things that are not going well in my life.  I will think that I don't have a very good life.  Looking back at the last year proves that that is wrong.  Without too much effort I thought up 33 different joyful moments over the last year.  That's more than 2 joyful moments a month and I did not count everything.  If I am experiencing this much joy throughout the year than my life is pretty darn good.
I challenge you to look back at your last year and reflect on your most joyful moments. Use your posts on social media to help you remember things if you need too.  I bet you will find some pretty good memories proof that your life is pretty darn good too! 
What are some of your most Joyful moments from the last year?   

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