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Putting Down Roots: Roots Juices Opens in Dallas

Posted on the 20 December 2013 by Lillyneu
Have you noticed? People in Dallas seem to be a little more glowy lately, and I don't think it's just the warm fuzzies of holiday season. After opening the doors during the final weeks of construction, Roots Pressed Juices is the newest Dallas juice shop, officially looking fantastic at the corner of Oak Lawn and Lemmon Ave in Dallas. I cannot get enough, and the same goes for everyone else I know!
roots juices dallas
Before and after Flywheel classes there's always a little pack of the cool kids who have to head over for shots at the bar at Roots - as in ginger, turmeric and a series of four for $5 called the "booster shot." Now when I find a five spot in my coat or purse, it's not just fun money, it's booster shot cash!
I was excited to go by Roots last week when their owner, Brent, was at the store. We got to talk more about their menu and I got to see their ultra-legit juicer that cold presses everything you buy in the store or have delivered if you're on one of their cleanses.
This crazy machine is the juicer of Jack LaLane's wildest dreams. It applies 6,000 pounds of pressure to these delightful nuts, fruits and veggies while keeping them at cold temperatures as to not disrupt their purest nutritional properties.
Putting Down Roots: Roots Juices Opens in Dallas
I have lots of great things to say about the juice itself, but particularly love that the new store front had even more offerings and menu items that are super healthy. I tried one of their fresh made smoothies while at the store and loved the Solar Power flavor. Everything in the store is gluten-free and the smoothies are made with vegan, gluten-free protein powder for a treat that is filling but still natural.
smoothies dallas
There are lots of great snacks in the store as well, like these kale chips that use the entire leaf of kale and are made by a small business, yet are still priced lower than what I see at the big health stores.
Putting Down Roots: Roots Juices Opens in Dallas
I'm also in love with these raw endurance bites - the perfect addition to a juice grabbed on the go!
roots juices dallas  Which brings me back to the pressing {just some juice pun humor} manner - the awesome juices that Roots makes in house, ships all over the country and delivers to your door in Dallas! These juices are so smooth and flavorful, and I can feel them making everything hum a little smoother right after I enjoy them. One of my personal favorites is the Health Nut with almonds and dates.   There's also the Cardio Blast that is perfect for after Flywheel or any type of intense cardio class. The cocoa helps to oxygenate the bloodstream and mixes with the carrot for a surprisingly crave-worthy flavor.
juice cleanse dallas
 I also really love the Everything juice! This one features every ingredient in the house, from pineapple and parsley to jalapeno. It was the perfect complement to my afternoon snack while working a few days ago. The heat from the ginger and jalapeno are perfect for fighting colds and staying warm this time of year!
Putting Down Roots: Roots Juices Opens in Dallas  If you want to know where the beautiful people go or are looking for an easy and fun way to add nutrition to your end of year, follow me over to Roots for some shots, juices, smoothies and snacks! It's always a party with their fun staff and cozy new space. 

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