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Rants From the Depths of My Mind...

Posted on the 02 June 2017 by Skip1957 @skip1957
Have you ever said anything outloud, and after doing so, you wish you could have went back in time long enough to tell yourself to shut the fuck up? Well, if you haven't you are a much better person than I! Although I do manage some self control, but DAYUM it's difficult at times. 
Take for instance, me riding on the bus. These are some of the things I want to say, but often find myself either cursing, laughing, or biting my tongue. One of the few times I seem to actually control my tongue, but then I hear fighting on the bus gets your ass kicked off, and I'm not a big fan of walking those long distances anymore! So, Take a look inside my head...

Rants From the Depths of My Mind...

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Jeez guy, that's pretty, pink, green, blue and purple hair. What the fuck happened, couldn't decide on a color? How's that working out for those job interviews? What, No interviews? STOP sending  your pics of that peacock hair with your resume, asshole!

Rants From the Depths of My Mind...

Now ain't he cute? *

one, two, three, fifty.... lady, anyone as big as you, should not be wearing yoga pants that tight, that I can count the hairs on your... well you know what I mean. Camel toe, dayum, have to invent a whole new word for whatever that is your sporting in them pants. 

Rants From the Depths of My Mind...

Now that's just "effing" scary! *

Okay, so tell me, is that seat more comfortable than the one you just left? The one that is just behind this one? I had no idea the Transit company installed more comfortable seats in unknown places. Oh, and your getting out at the next stop, which should be in about... 40 seconds from now. Not to mention that the old man there had to move so you could squeeze your ass by. 

Lady, they have fold up seats right in the front so you can place your little rugrat in their stroller out of the aisle. Now I don't mind having to squeeze past, although if I had my say about these things, there'd be a tow rope on the outside of the bus at the back, and all you stroller mamas would be holding on to that, same goes for all those people in the wheelchairs. Rants From the Depths of My Mind...Google Images *
Sir, you, the guy that still has the Elvis haircut and sideburns... If you took a shower with water, you would save a lot of money. Instead of bathing in aftershave, try some soap and water. It'll be cheaper for you, and healthier for us, cause then we just may be able to  take a breath, without having the wind taken right out of us. Yea, and that lady up there, is she your girlfriend, or wife? She's just as friggin bad, what's that perfume called? "Ode to Skunk?"

Rants From the Depths of My Mind...

Jeez, you stink, take a bath! *

Well folks, there you have a look at the inside of my head, and that was only on a 20 minute bus ride... have you any idea how much crap there is in my head? It scares the crap out of me!

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