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Posted on the 13 April 2017 by Ruperttwind @RuperttWind
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Today was Friday I was hoping to watch
the movie 'Percy Jackson the Sea of Monsters' tonight. But the rain just
wouldn't stop pouring. Me and my dog were the only ones here. My friends
ditched me ... my so-called popular brother did too just to go to this one huge
Christmas party. I mean all a girl asks for is a little attention and she gets
nothing. Instead the one throwing the party, the pretty popular and incredibly
stupid head cheerleader who is super mean to us, the nerd gets all the
attention. She is the total opposite of me and the worst thing is that my
brother my own blood hangs out with her!

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I complied to the authority that is my alarm and found the strength and
endurance to slam the snooze button on my clock but quickly found myself engulfed
in my blankets once again. The palm of my hands were beginning to have a slight
burning sensation to them but it went away as fast as it came. It was weird, it
was like someone poked a hot needle in the middle of my hand.

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I couldn't hear what they were saying after that, since I had recently and successfully blocked the two librarians (well, one librarian and her assistant), and was searching through the shelves lined to the max with the most wide range of book content I had ever seen. Old text, new text, fact, fiction, even stories on a world without dragons! Despite the imagination of some writers, I could never believe that there was a world in which dragons don't exist! I mean, our world is chock-full of dragons of all different shapes and sizes, in fact, I think life without them would be completely and utterly odd.

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There were men
hurrying around, some boarding windows and the like, others carrying
hay and feed to a pen of cattle and horses. Most wore hats and coats
to protect from the wind. Misty gasped loudly, seeing that their own
jeans and t-shirts had been replaced with solid-colored dresses that
hung down to their ankles.

You wonder now what
will happen Is there an Heaven tv channel when you 8767 re switched-off? Endless
programmes and endless repeats. Joy. The wonderment of beyond, of a time
yourself free from channel-hopping beer swilling viewers and soda-pop kids who
watch without any thought on who actually brought them happiness Me. Your old
friend the tv in the corner.

Well once he was done handing them out, he said to
open the pieces of paper that were folded in half. "I'm a carpenter". Then Jack
said "I'm an electrician. After Jack, Julia was up "I'm a psychologist". We all
had pretty good jobs. After figuring out that Uriah was a chelist

It sounds incredible. The beginning draws me in and I become so intrigued to the point where I wish it continued. You definitely have the potential to, not only be a writer, but great one at that.

8775 Happy birthday, Marie! You are one month old. Do you like your present? 8776 I press the baby doll to the glass so Marie can see it. When I saw the doll in the store, I knew it had been made just for Marie. Her hair was short and golden, just like Marie 8767 s. Her smile was so big, and she had dimples in both cheeks. I just knew that if I could get Marie to smile real big, she would have dimples, too.

Here 8767 s my crappy first draft (the beginning of my second chapter, the first just explains how the nameless antagonist took over North America)

8775 Well, aren 8767 t you up a bit early? And uh.. I was out. You know, for work and stuff, 8776 Shiv responded, eyes averted to the sink. He hated lying to her, but he wasn 8767 t sure if he should tell his little sister about it. She was only turning nine next week, after all, if he wasn 8767 t mistaken. After a brief silence while washing his face, Shiv added, 8775 Anyway, I 8767 ll be home on time today. There 8767 s probably food in the basket. See ya, later, P, 8776 he said, with a small smile as he walked through the door, grabbing his knives and slinging the knapsack behind his back as he stepped onto the dirt road.

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