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Recharging Those Batteries

Posted on the 15 November 2017 by Lucyvictoria
Recharging those batteriesRecharging those batteries
Do you know that feeling where things seem to be going well, and then for some reason things take a bit of a dive downhill ?! This is me for a couple of weeks now on and off - and I've been putting off this post for like, a month. Terrible right? As if my lack of postage wasn't poor enough HA. If I was doing this as a full time job, I'd give it everything but I've not felt like that..not ideal.
Now, I don't like to be a fraud, and I hope that if you are a reader, you can sense my honesty so anyway, I've been reading back through my posts from this time last year & I'm sensing a pattern emerging; I could call it a rut but I shan't. It's more like that lady Universe is just testing testing.
       Nothing is awful, but my father has been poorly again, and me personally, I'm just not taking my own advice, and I do feel kind've shit about that. We should practice what we preach! It's my birthday at the end of Nov- the BIG 3.0! and I planned to write a post just before that so I need to get my act together.

I don't know about you guys, but I always find that November has become 'pre Christmas' month. Like it may as well not exist. Well I dislike that; it's the depths of Autumn and should be embraced! Talking about Christmas, our society is so go-go-go all the time.. Always on countdown to something. Does it make you want to restart or recharge? It sure does me!! Autumn brings us an understanding of our own personal changes within the seasons that are life and that's pretty magical.
This weekend, I plan to recharge my batteries, hopefully within a day! I have a pre-birthday theater event on Sunday, but I definitely feel the need to reflect and rejuvenate. Spiritualists say that everything we need is within us. That's probably true but you definitely need inner peace to find it. To address stagnation and manifest, you have to nurture a passion and bring it to life; especially if you're feeling somewhat unsatisfied- Self exploration helps! I find that this time of year can make many feel drenched in stress, despair or 'winter blues' but a refresh can significantly improve your mood.
Putting yourself in The Hermit position can aid introspection. In the Tarot spread, Hermit can signify loneliness, hibernation, truth seeker, guidance. Using it as a positive resource means solitude, gaining wisdom, enlightenment, fearlessness. For ex: we recharge our phones but rarely ourselves..
       So lets take some contemplative action: -
1. Unplug from tech. A day off from e-mails, media and endless scrolling means you can actually read that book that's been sitting on the shelf for months. This'll helps us feel more mindful and aware of our surroundings. Being present leads to a sense of control and empowerment.
2. Walking. Possibly the simplest and most cost-free solution to relaxation. Taking in fresh air and our surrounding completely enhances serotonin levels. Embrace quietness in the woods. Mind and body work in tandem so perhaps take on a home workout; yoga or cardio, whatever you fancy!
3. Heavy energies can induce some challenges and mood shifts; guided meditation involving water can ease and purify heaviness. Take a long soak in the bath with aromatherapy oils, soothing music, a hair/skin mask- your bathroom is your spa.
4. Give yourself a DIY mani/pedi (for the boys too!). I do this a lot. Buy yourself a new color. Winter= berry season and treat yourself like a queen. Use some coconut oil and bathe your tired hands & feet! Pampering works wonders, and you look pretty too.
5. Feeling burnt out will essentially mean you cannot help others as you're neglecting yourself. Go within yourself and nourish your inner thoughts. Journalling for an hour can energise you into thinking about future ideas, memories or plans. A sense of order can be liberating & afterwards you can watch a movie whilst snuggled up in bed!
6. Bake or cook. I love baking. Whether it be mouthwatering cakes or pies. There's something so satisfying about cooking a new recipe, and it's very mindful. So many positives- and it'll make your house smell divine.
Recharging those batteries
Now we have spent some time healing ourselves, the mysticism of the season should be enough now to replenish and balance our souls. Until next time.. <3

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