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Posted on the 04 October 2012 by Zer @the2women

Pay no attention to the big yellow bird in the blog.

Those who missed it, or chose to watch the debate solely on their television, are probably wondering why Big Bird was trending on Twitter.

Although, those who started this trend (other than Romney) might be wondering what happened during the second half of the debate.

Believe it or not, several important topics were covered after Romney stated that he loves Big Bird, but this feathered friend’s freeride funded by tax payers’ dollars will end if he has a say in it (nothing new, but it’s an attention grabber).

For example, the economy was further discussed. Also, Social Security, Medicare and, of course, Obamacare were all brought up. Plus, anyone playing debate bingo got some excellent Reagan, Clinton and bin Laden mentions. Oh and there’s still five trillion dollars in taxes that’s still unaccounted for.

Whether or not the important topics were discussed by each candidate to the extent that they should have been will be debated for the next several days. Not to mention, whether or not Jim Lehrer was a succesful moderator (give the man a break, Big Birds not the only PBS employee).

But at the very least, issues were discussed and we learned that Romney looks up when he smirks and President Obama looks down.

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