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Posted on the 02 April 2018 by Zer @the2women

…ResurrectLast night a new kind of live television musical swept audiences away. “Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert,” may not have had the most accurate title (it was fully staged), but that didn’t stop it from rocking Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s classic rock opera.

From the first electric note through all the buzz to the last shot, they nailed it (too soon?).While it wasn’t actually a concert, it was treated like one, which is why it worked.

The live audience gave the cast energy. The single set made camera work far less complicated. The concert vibe and the theater source material inspired a stunning lighting design, superb choreography, and some serious costumes.

Add to all that a cast that drew from popular music, the theater, and somewhere in between, and NBC found themselves with their first bonafide live musical hit.

If you didn’t catch it, or are trying to stave off Monday for a little while, here are a few of the highlights…

First, here’s Brandon Victor Dixon introducing himself to the masses. Warning: your world will never be the same.

Now, let’s slow it down for nap time with Sara Bareilles.

Finally, let’s take it to “Gethsemane.” This is a hard song, both to sing and to act. Mr. Legend owned it.

If you missed it, I highly recommend watching it as God and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber intended in its entirety (which you can do here or here).

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