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Review: Don't Lose Out, Work Out!

Posted on the 09 January 2018 by Gopalakrishnan K @gopalmadhav
Don't Lose Out, Work Out! Don't Lose Out, Work Out! by Rujuta Diwekar
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Being a fan of her previous book Don't lose your mind, lose your weight and her approach and affinity towards local foods I started reading this book. This book definitely demystifies a lot of myths followed in the fitness arena. Debunking myths in terms of fitness for a common man is essential as of now. In this book, Rujuta has taken great effort in explaining the technical terms to the common man. If you are an enthusiast who wants to take fitness regime and kinda overwhelmed by the excess of information available online and the overcharging Gyms and other classes then this book might throw some really great insight on what's and what not's.
Having said all the above, I am unable to rate this book as a perfect book. The two things which made me cringe is the excess usage of Hindi, although it felt funny and timely initially over a point in time it was a wee bit annoying. Although this can be excused, the most important point which I felt bad is the way she puts down the other practices. A similar tone was found in many of speeches and books but in this book, it kind of went overboard. There is no denial about the author's prowess in the domain, putting other practices down kind of irritates the readers and practitioners at some point. The content of the book is perfect and unparalleled and gives you a proper insight.
You can definitely sit through these cringe-worthy things to gain a lot of necessary knowledge which helps you in living a better life.
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