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Satan Appears

Posted on the 09 December 2013 by Killmenow @lbigfoot

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Satan appears

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A few minutes before the service is scheduled to begin, and just as the congregation is sitting quietly waiting, Satan appears. God’s prosecutorial angel, Satan himself. Instantly there is total panic. Members begin running towards the exits screaming. Many are trampled on as they fall in their frantic effort to get away from the devil. And within minutes, the hall is empty – empty that is except for James, a grey-haired 75 year old man who remains sitting calmly in his seat.

James seems totally unaware of Satan’s presence. Satan saw that James is the only one remaining in the hall. Satan appears before James and in a booming voice says, “Do you know who I am?

And James replied, “Do you know who I am?”

“You should fear me like the others do,” says Satan. “Aren’t you afraid of me?”

“No, certainly not” replies James.

“But surely you realize what I can do to you, in an instant, without even a word being said?” sayeth Satan.

“So, be my guest,” replied James calmly.

“But don’t you know that if I want to, I can cause you unbelievably, horrifying agony?” asked Satan.

“Big deal,” replied James calmly.

“And you still say that you’re not afraid of me?” asked Satan.

“No way,” replied James.

James’ replies shocked Satan and he asked him one more question, “So tell me already, why aren’t you afraid of me?”

“Because,” James replied calmly, “I’ve been married to your sister for over 50 years!”

That is what is called a “Kill Me Now” moment.

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