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Say It Once

Posted on the 30 August 2017 by Fizz @ThePoetsAlley
Say it once
when you slowly
walk through that
empty house of ours
you sometimes wish
I was still around.
Say it once
when you sleep on the bed
you stick to your side
afraid to cross the line.
But I am not there.
Say it once
when you get up in the
middle of the night
you miss seeing my face
deep in sleep.
Say it once
it was a mistake and
Mistakes are made by people.
You weren't thinking
and I had to take you back
Say it once
She didn't mean a thing.
You were too drunk
and have stayed away
from her since.
Say it once
or infinite times.
You broke my trust
and I am no Hillary.
I am not coming back.

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