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…say Thank You

Posted on the 21 March 2019 by Zer @the2women
…say thank you

It's Common Courtesy Day, so let me first start by saying, thank you for being here today.

It may seem like a small thing to say thank you, but it's amazing how big of a difference those small things - please, thank you, keeping to the right when you stand on an escalator, not letting the door drop on the person who is right behind you, who I know you can see - can really make.

…say thank you

It's those small moments of kindness that really define a person and tells the world who you are.

…say thank you

I know we all get busy and common courtesy can get left behind in our rush to catch the train, cross the street, or beat the red light. But at what cost?

…say thank you

You may save a few seconds, but the vision of that woman you smacked with the door you were too busy to hold will haunt you forever...

…say thank you

So I hope this Common Courtesy Day we're all able to look up. I mean that it for the people who don't want to see you get struck by a car because you were checking your phone...

…say thank you

Take the time to be kind. It really can make a world of difference. Thank you.

…say thank you smile...

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