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Posted on the 04 November 2013 by Zer @the2women

google glassGoogle Glass is finally expanding beyond its test market…sort of.

Over the next few weeks, members of the Google Glass Explorer program, will be able to invite 3 friends to try out the latest fad in distracting technology.

So, members of the Explorer program, be prepared to make a bunch of new friends (and possibly lose a few) over the next few weeks.

Of course, if you’re lucky enough to be one of those chosen by the chosen ones, you’ll have the honor of test driving the latest version of Google Glass…for $1500.  But the good news is, unlike the inaugural class of users, Google will actually ship your Glass to you.

From there it’s a walk in the park, after you complete your Google Hangout with your official “Glass Guide.”

At this point, after losing a few friends, your patience, and possibly your dignity, Google Glass is yours to play with for a few minutes before the next latest and greatest version is released.
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