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So is This Normal Now? - Little Manatee Update!

Posted on the 17 August 2011 by Saratpierce
A coworker asked me today if she could touch my belly and I was totally fine with it. We got into a conversation about the only "stranger" encounter I've had and I came to the realization that I kind of enjoy the attention. That sounds totally narcissistic but the fact that people can officially tell by looking at me that I'm pregnant and the sheer excitement pulsing through my body at all times makes me really open to belly rubs. Don't get me wrong, total strangers SHOULD NOT touch the bellies of pregnant passersby {I totally think that should be passerbies... but Google said 'NO'}, but I'm definitely open to friends and family rub-a-dub-dubbin. So... is that normal?
AND ANOTHER THING. When the same co-worker asked me if Keelin had been kicking, I was so nonchalant in my answer of 'yes, normally right after I eat' that it kind of caught me off guard. Not a month ago it was the most amazing thing to feel her kick for the first time {it still is, mind you... each and every time I feel her squirm!} and I was so in AWE every time I could tell someone about her movement. But now I'm so used to it happening after every snack and meal that it's just a routine part of my day! 
When did that happen?

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