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Some Things Just Don't Work!

Posted on the 26 September 2012 by Skip1957 @skip1957
I've been home for the past week, literally just taking up space. I hurt my ribs, and at the moment, work is a big no no! So today, my wife had a few errands to do, and asked if I would do a few chores for her. Well I jumped at the chance! Happy Wife...Happy Life... I also prefer sleeping in a comfy bed than on the sofa. Hell, I can sleep on the sofa anytime I want! Well, one chore was making the bed. That's simple enough, just spread out the blankets enough that the wrinkles disappear, and your done! 2 minutes tops! Well, that isn't how it worked out. After several attempts, some with the help of my cat Baby, (she apparently thinks that laying on said bed, is the proper way to make said bed.) So I finally broke down, and did it the proper way...took everything off it and started from scratch! It actually looks pretty dayum good. Next on the list was the dishes.They were actually left over from the night before, plus this mornings dishes. This is going to be easy says I. Fill the  dishpan with boiling water...check! Add dish liquid...check! Grab dish cloth and start scrubbing...check....F#*K that water is hot! So, after placing my hands under the cold water for an hour, back to the dishes. Scrub, Scrub, Scrub....rub, rub rub...done!While I was at this little chore, I was thinking of ways to get rid of this little chore. Now I know they have disposable plates/bowls, glasses, and all that plastic cutlery we all love so well. What about disposable pots, and pans? I figured if I was to "invent" said items, I'd be laughing all the way to the bank! Hmmmm, what to use? Then I had an epiphany! (turned out to be a brain fart) Tin Foil! Why yes, Tin foil will do nicely! After all, they do sell some aluminium foil products for cakes, muffins, pizza, and even turkey pans. Why not  pans for cooking? So I set about fashioning a pan out of our aluminium foil. Looks good, let's try it out. I'll start with something simple says I! Water, I'll boil some water. Since it was very thin, I'll just place it on the burner(gas stove) and pour the water in it. So, does anybody know how to light a pilot light? All I'm saying about that! 

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