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Sometimes I Go to Far!

Posted on the 13 November 2012 by Skip1957 @skip1957
One of the things, that we have in our arsenal, to increase traffic, is the use of controversy.Some people don't realize how useful this can be. For instance, I often make comments on other sites, that often raise eyebrows when being read. I also post my latest blog entries there as well. So if anyone has read my comments, and sees I have made a new post, often their curiosity is aroused, and they may well want to go see what this idiot (me) has just posted. I'll be the first to admit, that I've often went a little overboard on some comments, not purposely, but sometimes I get too passionate about some subject, and often come off a bit too strong.  Now before I go any farther here, you may well be asking why I am posting this. Well as a blogger, you really do want to be read. There is nothing worse, than pouring your heart out in a well written, thought out blog post, and it just sits lonely in cyberspace. That is, unless your just writing a journal/diary, and it's mainly for your own purposes. Yet you share, because in some way, who knows, it may well help someone else along their life journey.A bonus of being read, is if people are kind enough to post a comment, telling you if/why they liked or disliked your post.Comments are great. Did I tell you comments are great? Oh yes, I did, didn't I! 

Okay, back to controversial comments, and posts.I went a bit too far with a few comments yesterday, and if I had it back, to do over again, I would have deleted them. Of course once published, and seen, it is far too late, and although I'm not disagreeing with my view/comments, I could have toned them down. Don't be afraid to be controversial though. It is, as I've said, a great blogging tool at times.

Sometimes I go to Far!
Now there is something else I might mention here. That is spelling. I'm not the brightest bulb in the package, but I do try to keep the mistakes down to a minimum. Good blogging platforms almost always have a spell checker...thank goodness, or I'd be completely lost.There is nothing that turns off so many people, as bad spelling, (to the point you have no idea, what they are trying to say) I often throw a little slang in my posts, spelling incorrectly on purpose, and I've seen others do this as well. This is not so bad. Dayum, is one of my favorites,in case you were interested! Anyway, if you care enough to write a good post, care about your readers, and USE your spell check, it can make the difference between gaining or losing a reader. So go out, be a little controversial, just don't scare the crap outta people.Or insult them to the point they want to come through their computers monitor to give you a "smack of reality"!
Sometimes I go to Far!
Have a great Day! Oh, and Keep on Blogging!

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