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South x South Sistah: My Weekend in Photos

Posted on the 10 September 2013 by Lillyneu
I had last weekend circled on my calendar for most of the summer, and it did not disappoint. Markus, my mom and I packed up and went down to Austin for a night to see my sistah's new store! My sister has had an online shop, Longhorn Fashions for the past three years and this year decided to open a storefront near campus.
I snuck this picture as we pulled up and have to share how cute it is, even though my sister would like to mention that she was not open yet and that is why you can see the hand steamer out in the photo. She's the detail oriented one.
South x South Sistah: My Weekend in Photos  Right after we arrived I went into full sistah mode, doing what I do best when I am with her - trying on all her clothes and taking photos in the mirror. My sister and I did not stop to take one photo together the whole time I was there, which seems to always happen with us. 
South x South Sistah: My Weekend in Photos  I saw some old friends while I was in town, namely the Jack in the Box at Guadalupe and 26. I'm pretty sure these people have a picture of my face by the cash register in case I ever come back inside. 
South x South Sistah: My Weekend in Photos  On Saturday at the store we did a little Longhorn Fashions x Noonday Collection trunk show! I felt like we were two sister gypsies, pedaling our wares. 
noonday collection  My sister's sweet friends came by the store! Even though her living in a different town is harder than I typically admit, I always love seeing her friends and it is so wonderful that she has such a supportive group down there. They are the mucho fabulous.
South x South Sistah: My Weekend in Photos  My sister and I used to be in the back seat as our mom drove us down Royal Lane in Dallas, and we'd look at the big houses and talk about how we were going to live in them together. I guess that probably wouldn't have worked out that well, but I would have never guessed we would be living in different cities and be completely different in almost as many ways as we are completely the same. I've been surprised to realize that our autonomy is one of my favorite parts about our adult relationship. Our differences widen the other's perspective.  This weekend did prove that we are definitely still the same when it comes to loving chicken tenders, a good fitting dress and laughing at our mom. I super lucked out when I got her in my family!  What did you do this weekend? 

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