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Speed Traps?

Posted on the 13 July 2012 by Brenda @PibblesNHeathen
Since when did SPEEDING become Legal? You know, I'm talking about "DRIVING IN EXCESS OF THE POSTED SPEED LIMIT SIGNS"!  Apparently, it must be LEGAL to speed because our Government is allowing people to WARN other Drivers of Speed Traps.
Umm, excuse me? I know I'm 43 years old, going on 44 next month but I can still remember back to Drivers Education in high school. I specifically remembering the reasons behind having posted speed limit signs.
A typical speed limit sign in the United State...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This sign means, you are allowed to drive 50 mph. Anything over, is considered Speeding. You can get ticketed for doing 1 mph over in most states.
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