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…stand Guard

Posted on the 02 May 2019 by Zer @the2women
…stand guard

Get ready to break out the random collection of numbers, letters (in various states of capitalization and non-capitalization), and symbols - it's World Password Day.

To prepare you for the harsh reality of modern password requirements, I considered writing this post in code.

However, making sure your passwords are airtight is more important than any brain teaser...

…stand guard

Frankly, if you haven't selected, "forgot my password" on a form in the last week, you're probably not keeping it secure enough (or teach me your ways).

We all know we shouldn't be using the same password for all your accounts and need to change them regularly, but in practice, it is so much easier not to.

That being said, this is your annual reminder to step it up. It's time to ditch the birthday, pet name, first initial/last name formats and start getting serious about these passwords.

Think of it as a creativity challenge. Th3 Sky 1s th2 l1m1t! smile...

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