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Start of Summer: Perkin Up

Posted on the 06 April 2013 by Piaiamps @pemarikresta

Three, they say, is a crowd. But it is not always true in my case. Actually, most of the time, the best things in life comes when we are three. OK, I did not get that either but you know what I mean.
Two weeks ago, after I smashed my last final exam, I jumped on a boat and excitedly went home for these guys!
Start of Summer: Perkin Up
These are my siblings. We were born around 2008-2009. I cannot remember how we happened, honestly. It's like we just woke up one day and we were brothers and sisters already! For months we've been planning on seeing each other and it was only last month that our schedules met. We had to make time. And I was so happy that we finally got together! All three of us!
The main agenda was to go to a photo studio and copy Patrick, Sam and Charlie in the Perks of Being A Wallflower. It was perfect. Julius would be the hot Patrick, I'd be the hotter Sam and Jay-ar the less hot Charlie haha. 
Start of Summer: Perkin Up
Julius also had plans in mind. He wanted us to eat lunch in some expensive eat all you can diner and watch Oz in 3D. Jay-ar, on the other hand, had only one - to check in a hotel and watch How I Met Your Mother or some movies or animes till dawn, just like the old college days. We only had one day.
I guess among us three, Jay-ar is fate's favorite. Instead of eating on the expensive diner, we had lunch at Shakey's! Walang kamatayang Shakey's haha. We devoured and gossiped and talked about everything. One of the things I love about us is that though we don't see each other that often and we've lived separately, we still grow together. Our interests are still the same and we don't run out things to discuss about, and I think it's comforting. While at Shakey's we decided on how we're gonna spend that one day wisely considering that we've already lost half of it because I arrived late haha. We struck off Oz on the itinerary because we didn't have the guts to spend money on a movie that we're sure we'd regret after haha. You see, there are movies that are nice on the big screen and there are those that aren't, and we understood that. I got pretty bummed because the boyfriend partially bailed on us. I was gonna introduce him to these fault-finders haha.
Start of Summer: Perkin Up
Alas, minutes after we filled our bellies, the boyfriend suddenly appeared when I got out from the restroom and I was a happy girl again. I awkwardly presented him to the bros and giggled. It was weird having a boyfriend for awhile. We continued on wandering the boring place that is Robinson's to look for a perfect wedding gift for Julius' friend. It was one of our fun moments, we were like kids showing off the best-est present for a young couple! Julius ended up buying a wall clock because he's a cheapskate and unthoughtful haha. While waiting for him at the cashier, we saw this Beatles shirt.
Jay-ar: Uy, Beatles!Julius: May ko hit 
Pem: Mapurot
Julius: Maupay
You won't get that but it was hilarious! Need to write that down so I won't forget HEHE.
We then head off to downtown for the pictorial. While there, the rain poured and unfortunately, neither of us had an umbrella! We ran from corner to corner which was a stupid idea; weshould have just rode a tricycle to get to Studio One. However, even before we get ourselves dry, we almost fell off the couch when we saw their rates! Ang mahal! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Yep, when it rains, it pours. So yeah, we failed. We sheepishly went to Uncle Sam's for an early dinner.
Start of Summer: Perkin Up
Tired from all the seemingly misfortunes that we went through, we checked into GV Hotel, probably the grossest hotel in Tacloban. We didn't have a choice because it was all that we can afford. The misery of poor people. I was gonna spend the night in my cousin's but they insisted that we stay. I know my parents would go frantic if they find out about this but I assure you, my beloved parents, we behaved. HAHAHA
Frustrated that we didn't have our perks photo, we asked the boyfriend to take photos of us for our DIY photoshoot. Julius' SLR was borrowed by his mom so we settled with a digicam with a 640x800 resolution because the ugly forgot to change the settings!
Start of Summer: Perkin Up
Start of Summer: Perkin Up
We copied Perks, oh yes we did. But it was despicable (I mean, I looked ugly), I opted not to post it here. We spent the night eating junk foods, taking pictures, watching HIMYM S8, listening to country songs and doing the harlem shake foolishly on cam. It was shameful.
We left early the next day because we had to go back to reality. I realized that no matter how hard we try to bring back the old days, it will never be the same again. No matter, it makes me happy that there are still a lot of things that we can try and experience together. We may not be able to turn back time, but we sure can make new memories.
I know I said Jay-ar was fate's favorite because his hopes were fulfilled. Yet when I read this post from the top, it is clear that all our plans pushed through, although not what we exactly hoped for. We didn't eat at that expensive diner that Julius was dying to try but Uncle Sam's quite costly too. We didn't have that perks photo that I've dreamed about but we had crazy and outrageous photos which I think is 10 times better. I'm glad I made time for this. It's always fun with these two!

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