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Staying Positive.

Posted on the 24 July 2012 by Ellacoquine @ellacoquine
Staying Positive.
Do you guys remember the movie Ghostbusters 2? I do and have to say, this is one of my favorite flicks of the late 80s. I love it, and not just for the ghost busting action, but because I like the message that it sends. Aside from the power of Vigo; the evil 17th century Carpathian trapped in the painting, the story centers around the city being invaded by bubbling pink slime brewing in the sewers. The emotionally charged slime becomes more aggressive as it responds to the the negativity of the city's inhabitants.
From time to time, I think of this film where I am reminded of the negativity that seems to be progressing in the world, and just how powerful it is. Is it just me or is the hostility heightening each year? It happens everyday. It can be anything from what some would consider trite, like this new-found acceptance to dangerous driving. Suddenly going ten miles above the speed limit is too slow, and leads to aggressive honking and tailgating. Having lost an aunt to a speeding car, I take road rage and the importance of etiquette extremely seriously, and have zero tolerance for the selfishness of others who are in a rush. Not everyone will get to go first, we are not all on the same time, and red lights happen. These shouldn't be surprises. If it's not on the road, it's now in the classroom. The extreme level of bullying happening in schools today make me grateful that I am no longer there. I doubt I'd be who I am today if I had been subjected to what goes on in schools now. These poor kids. And lastly, the random and heinous acts of violence like the horrific events that took place last weekend. I used to not notice this negativity as much in Paris, but the recent shootings in Toulouse and Norway remind me that Europe is not immune from this growing trend of hostility and violence. Seriously, what is happening in the world?
All of this has got me thinking. Last year, my goal was to stay positive during all the drama and inconveniences, and I did, except for one situation. Let me preface that this was hardly a tragedy, just life kicking me in the butt. So in taking the first step, and practicing what I preach, I am doing something that I have been thinking about for a month or so. I have decided to remove the full name of the summer sublet who robbed me and trashed my home. We're done with that part of the program. I have fully exorcised that experience and would like to move on. Hopefully like me, she has learned her lesson, but I am relinquishing responsibility as it is not longer my job to reinforce to her why what she did was completely wrong; something she never seemed to grasp. While she still owes me money for the damages she had done to my place, I know that I will never see it, and fighting her for it is not worth my time and energy. Hopefully this experience has taught her to think twice before creating another scandal, because we all know that this wasn't her first rodeo.
While the robbery is in no way in comparison to real tragedies, I figured if I have the power to voluntarily let go of one evil weighing me down in my life, why not use it? So here is to removing an old demon I was never even attached to, and saying goodbye. If I can help it, I don't see myself ever adding more to the story. But in the event that I do, her name will be Barbara. Barbara McRoy.
My heart goes out to the victims and their families who were unjustly victimized and experienced the ultimate act of negativity, coming from a heartless murderer who thinks he is living in a comic book. My thoughts are truly with you. Stay strong.

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