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Story of Grief

Posted on the 22 June 2014 by Sweetblossom @sweetblossom_
Story of Grief
You never cared or loved instead you always stayed safe.It was me who was always in trouble and pain, facing family and losing friends. You  lost nothing but took away everything from my life,I heard you say 'I love you' but yet you just kept calling me a names and today even after everything I bared ,I have more to learn after all this love was just fake.I know you will be with your better half soon your excitement for your newlywed just makes me wonder;did we ever share anything special or was it just meant for me to suffer.maybe we were never a lovers,maybe all this was just a nightmarebut I know you were never the one for me and all this was my foolishnessand today I'm the one to be blamed,when tho I have Lost many thing, I feel sorry for you because you'll never know the real beauty of my love.
Story of Grief
this story of grief is reason we doubt love existence and, so I just wanna saybefore falling see where you're goingbecause you might think you're falling in lovebut you might be landing in hell..

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