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Successful Trip to London!

Posted on the 15 February 2016 by Samantha Wilson @SamWilsonWhite

   Here is my first published poem in London local magazine. They forbade me to give the name of the magazine in order to avoid plagiarism issues. So, here is the poem itself:
WritingWhat is this word about?
With origin of dragging and tearing
Or with the meaning of scratching?
What, if I write it on the paper?
Will it change its meaning?
Will it remain the same color and texture?
Will it influence you differently,
If I write it two times, three times, ten times?
No? Then why write it?
 At last, I feel like a million dollars:) It's such a pleasant and warm feeling, when someone says your writing is worth something. I've never wanted to be at the top, but still I've been looking for some support and encouragement to write further. And I've found it! Yippee!!!
Successful Trip to London!

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