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Thinking About the Past (Part VII)

Posted on the 20 May 2016 by Samantha Wilson @SamWilsonWhite

      Being in the realm of my imagination, I stumbled upon a new people who taught me how to survive.
 CTThinking about the Past (Part VII)
VII. Thinking about the Past (Part VII)I was there - in the woods where the city had left me.The flowers were not beaten by the rock of a foot.I looked around - yellow petals of roses were damped by the tears of due.Obviously, the city knew I adored yellow roses, especially with the drops on their monarchic bodies.It was not a dream, and it was not the meadow from Twilight (anyway, not with those poor flowers replanted for the sake of the romantic scene).The city went to the cave - it was an old sacred place for rituals of markoths.The latter were proven to have inherited the land from their elder brothers of blood - markithors.I remember the city showed them to me - majestic vehicles of strength and power.Tattoos were covering their necks like the chains of spiders running from danger.The city then pointed to one of them and bowed its head.Sah - it was she. The most influential female from markithors.She was an idol for the city.I saw its tremendous adoration, when it looked at her image.Was it jealousy? I guess so, but it was exactly what I needed to become better for the city - to cross my fingers and fight.Just like she did.They say she killed more than 100 markithors coming to see her, when she was only 2.The invincible Sah knew everything!And when I just for a second thought what could be found in her head, I shuddered.The city went to see her grave.It was situated under the cave - she was lying in the tomb of silver.Should the city bring the red soil (the poison markoths used to kill their predecessors - markithors) from her grave again, I will grab it eat its bloody crosses.Meanwhile I will fall asleep…
Yours, Sam

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