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SUPER Sharing Sundays: Best 8 Links of the Week!

Posted on the 22 April 2012 by Shawndrarussell
By the always-uplifting Shelli Johnson: Need an Attitude Adjustment? Try Gratitude.
The Freelancer's Soul-Saving Mind Hack by Walt Kania, creator of my new favorite blog, The Freelancery.
Paydirtapp.com. This freelance tool has increased my productivity, awareness, and confidence exponentially in just one week of use. LOVE!!!
Kickstarter.com. I am shocked everyone hasn't heard of this fabulous crowdfunding site for creatives. I've decided to support at least one Kickstarter a month. Funding dreams=very cool!
The April Kickstarter I supported: Poor Girl Eats Well. Check it out! I'm so excited to add this cookbook to our kitchen arsenal :)
KickStartup: Successful Funding with Kickstarter.com and (Re)making Art Space Tokyo by @craigmod. Inspirational story and beautiful book!
Internet Business Mastery clues us in to "What the Experts Don't Tell You About Social Media."
Thought this was hilarious on Twitter by @ThisIsRobThomas: "Hey, touchy people. Music is subjective. I think nugent is an ass clown. Many people think that of me. The world turns on. Let it go."

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