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Posted on the 13 December 2012 by Piaiamps @pemarikresta

I've been quite productive this week. And by that I mean I spent my lazy hours wisely. I watched two movies, Iron Lady and There Be Dragons. These movies were set in two of the most influential countries centuries ago, Britain and Spain (or maybe even now in the case of the former),  with intriguing concepts so they were kind of interesting. There Be Dragons is a story of a journalist who went home to Spain to research about a Saint's life who happened to be his father's best friend. This journalist never spoke to his father for a long time and the latter also refused to tell his story. But of course he did, eventually. He recorded his story and wrote them in his journal. He talked about his childhood, the civil war and how he and his best friend Josemaria, grew apart. I like the epic but it was one of the saddest 3 hours of my life. The movie was dragging and lifeless. It was a waste, honestly. And the journalist found out that he wasn't his father's son in the end. Hmm. On the other hand, Iron Lady was okay. Meryl Streep was super convincing I think she'll be my model of Margaret Thatcher forever. It's about the famous first lady prime minister of the Great Britain. I've heard of her back in college but I guess I was busy daydreaming that I forgot all about her significant contributions to her country and the international community as a whole. However, I thought the movie showed more on Meryl's superb performance rather than depicting Margaret's notable life. The movie was bitin. It never really pushed me to the climax. It was just Meryl. And Denis Thatcher. HAHA. Oh yes, husband material level: DT. Also, I finished 2 seasons of Suits in two days! I wish I had Mike's photographic memory and Harvey's cleverness. My favorite character is Louis Litt, I don't know why. He's annoying most of the time but he still topped my list!
This week had been full of surprises, from surprises that crush your brain to those that break your heart. We had a surprise pre-midterm exam in Credit Transactions. I was disappointed because we just had a long quiz last week but I figured it's gonna be the same exam so bring it. But she added new cases which I wasn't familiar of so I ended up fishing anyway. We also had a surprise quiz in Civil Procedure. I thought I've mastered everything, I was actually feeling that I'd be called for recits. It turned out, unfortunately, a bit shocking. The questions he asked weren't found in my book. I was lucky I got to open kuya Alfred's right before we start our class. Also, I was told by a friend that our good friend had just broke up with his girlfriend. The latter reasoned that she's tired. I wish I've seen them together or knew this girl well so I could weigh in my thoughts about the whole thing but I haven't. I told her to tell our friend to not blame himself for whatever. That they weren't meant to be, and if they were, maybe just not this time. Easier said than done. He loves her so much yet she didn't even give him the chance to fight for her, or explain at least. And the most tragic news that I found out this week is that my friend's sis-in-law who also happens to be a friend, passed away 2 weeks after giving birth to their second child. It was terrible knowing that it could have been prevented. She had complications because of her baby's feces, I don't know it's medical term, and their family suspects that it wasn't cleaned properly. She was dead on arrival. What's more heartbreaking is that her husband, my friend's brother, was going to ask her to marry him in Church. He wasn't even able to let her know of his plans. And the poor baby boy. May God give them strength throughout this storm. I told my friend that everything's going to be alright. That we may not understand why it must be but someday we will, and we must look forward to that day.
I hate surprises.


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Today is December 12, 2012. 12.12.12. This only occurs in a lifetime and I'm blessed to have lived in many "lucky" dates. Some say the end is near. Some has bigger plans for next year. Nothing special happened to me today. These news about tragedies, including typhoon Pablo and Manny Pacqiuao's defeat, were what I dealt with, and a few recitations in class. I am thankful that my Christmas won't be sad and lonely but my heart breaks a little for my friends who are experiencing pain in this joyful season.
Today is Tatay's birthday. He's been with our Lord since 2007. May He grant him eternal rest.

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