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System Errors

Posted on the 12 May 2012 by Sarahkasm @Sarahkasm
No one can break
The system
No one can take
Except them
They control
The income
And they scold
The victims
They create
The symptoms
They sell
The solutions
They built
Their kingdom
At the expense
Of your children
And here is a simpler
Of the lawful, balanced
People under the system
Are taken care of, from child care
Through school through pension
The services employed for the welfare of citizens
Including the healthcare of all civilians
From the pockets of the very same people
Yet, it is the services provided generously by the system
Where the worst turn worse,
And the best people go down first
Who thinks outside the lines of the confines set to define
What the system has in mind
To protect the interest of the best
Who are not the best
They're just
Less earnest
Less honest
Less modest
Than the rest
Of the less successful thieves.
Of institutions whose constitutions are substitutions for true solutions and a persecution of the revolution of destitution that involves the absolution of moral prostitution
Where health is not a right, education is a business
And wealth is the winning fight and legislation is the witness
Of this
Of fixing what is broken:
Mental Institutions make them sicker
Criminal Institutions make them slicker
And they tell the viewers
Of the breakdown
To look at the bigger picture
Slideshows of financial figures
Pies and cakes on golden plates and
Everyone wants a piece to taste yet
Crumbs are stale, and there's a trail of mould
And the plate they give is only flakes of gold
Plated over the iron rust that's aeons old
But they don't mind, because, if you can't beat the system,
Join them
And George Carlin probably said it best
Only, everyone laughed at the truth he said
And left the theater back to what they laughed at
What you and I live under
And it is no wonder
That we won't suffer to change
Personal habits are a whole lot harder to break
So what of an entire system?
System ErrorsSystem Errors

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