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Posted on the 26 August 2013 by Kinderhandbtips
Howdy folks, I was tagged by the lovely Charlotte of Makeup by Candlelight Blog.  She is so sweet, and I really like her Blog and writing style you should totally check her blog out! :-)
Tagged: My Makeup Story, Firsts & Fails
My makeup goes a little something like this.
Getting all the colours wrong
My very first memory of makeup was playing with my mothers big, blue makeup box.  At around 4/5 years old, it was like playing with wonderfully magic toys and crayons.  My sister and I would play with my moms nail varnishes, red lipsticks, blue eyeshadows (it WAS the 80's!) and destroy them all in the process lol!
I also remember when I was about 7 and my sister would ask my father if we could treat his feet by trimming his nails and massaging his feet, only for us to get my mom's makeup and doodle all over his feet lmao! :-D. There he was, expecting a nice pamper session, only to be attacked by lipstick.  And we did this a few times!
As a teenager, I never wore makeup.  At home or school, I didn't own one item of makeup.  The only thing I would use was vaseline on my lips when they were dry.
The first time I wore a full face of makeup, my sister actually applied it for me when I was 17.  I remember the foundation felt WAY too heavy on my skin, and mascara felt like a tonne on my eyes lol.
When I started to wear makeup properly every day, was when I started work aged 21.  I still remember what I used to wear lol.  Ruby & Millie bronzer, eyeshadow & lipgloss.
Finding right shade of foundation
 A couple of months later I had a makeup makeover at a L'ancome counter in boots, was when I started to wear a full face of makeup every day.  Tinted moisturiser, blusher, bronzer, eyeliner mascara lipgloss.  This tinted moisturiser was PERFECT in every way - the shade, the texture,  it just melted into my skin and made me look FLAWLESS. I was literally in love.
I wore this for a good few years until L'ancome decided to change their tinted moisturiser formula.  I didn't like the new formula, it was way too oily and didn't stay on my face, and the shade was different too.  I was really disappointed, I had always been happy with it, and now I had to find something new.
I then proceeded the next few years to try what seemed like every type of foundation/tinted moisturiser there was on the market.  I spent many hours and alot of money trying to find the perfect formula and color match for my skin - yes, I spent many days with an orange face and white neck too lol!
It was quite off-putting trying to find the perfect shade, testing them on your wrist, hand or cheek, only to get home and find it's either too dark, too light or the completely wrong tone!  Those shop lights are SO deceiving!!!
Winged Eyeliner
I actually only started to wing my eyeliner out the past couple of years.   But getting a nice, smooth straight ish line, with a feline curve can be SO tricky sometimes!  There has been many a day that I have had eyeliner on one eye perfect, and on the other a hot mess! Lmao!
Eyelash Curlers
I used to use heated eyelash curlers all the time, but now I don't use any!
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