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Tears, Tantrums And Terrible Nappies

Posted on the 13 June 2013 by Susiemcbeth @susiemcbeth
Teething! - Enemy to toddlers, babies and mothers!  The beast of evil is back!
I realize that sounds a tad bit dramatic, but if you have read any of my other teething posts then you really won't be surprised.
Yes teething is back and is reeking all kinds of havoc. River has 3 teeth coming in at the moment and they are giving him all kinds of trouble. He is obviously in horrible amounts of pain and no teething remedy appears to be helping at all. He is miserable and has been alternating between crying and screaming at least once every hour. He doesn't want anything in his mouth including food and all he wants to do is be on me all the time. Plus, understandably, his sleeping is a bit all over the place as well and he has the worst nappies.
What is it about teething going hand in hand with the worst nappies imaginable? I have had a few that have left me googling where to buy a Hasmat suit.
To top that,  Indigo has picked now to step-up her tantrums. They have reached truly spectacular levels and range from full on screaming and lying down on the floor in protest to kicking out at whom ever is near. 
Things that set her off:
  • Leaving the park
  • Leaving the swings
  • Leaving the garden
  • Coming back into the house after having been out
  • Getting in her highchair
  • Getting her nappy changed if she is playing
  • Getting changed for bed
  • Anything which means a temporary stop to fun

All of the above are completely understandable, as really, why should fun have to stop? And I know it is just a phase where she has to learn, but it is a really tough one. I hate seeing her so upset and it can be quite frustrating when it sounds like you are murdering your child to passers by, but you are actually in fact just trying to get her back in the car seat. 
Hmmmm this phase is not so much fun at all :( 
Tears, Tantrums And Terrible Nappies

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