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Posted on the 12 November 2016 by Chhavivatwani @chhavivatwani
More advance than technology -
Isn't our hearing ability?
Strained ears, calculating
Hearing above one's own beating
Catches the sound frequency,
Footsteps of an awaited enemy
Reads and decrypts the encoding
Finds a match in it's database, enfolding.
"That's him!", the soul screams,
and the eye gleams,
or a hint of a smile breaks,
or a clutch of the heart plagues.
Might I need remind you, heart?
How advanced is my every part;
and thus, I must take heed
Be prepared for the following feat.
For the most part of the life,
it's likely to be a strife
'Coz whatever you may be up to
His wrath may always haunt you.

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