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The Art to Upstaging a Statement Dress

Posted on the 19 July 2017 by Omfgwinnie @omfgwinnie
THE ART TO UPSTAGING A STATEMENT DRESSTHE ART TO UPSTAGING A STATEMENT DRESSTHE ART TO UPSTAGING A STATEMENT DRESSThis was the exact process of how I dressed myself this morning:1. Put on the dress, it's 21 degrees, it's a no brainer2. Let me dig out those pink socks, I'm sure I saw them somewhere. Does pink socks and black boots go? Let me try them on. 5 mins later, mmm not feeling it, the black just won't work4. OH! I have these blue boots that I haven't worn in a while, how much color can I incorporate into this one trip to town?5. Am I being too bold wearing pink, blue and a red ruffle dress? Does it look like I'm dressed as the paper scraps of a crayola crayon in your pencil case? I ask my mum, she says it's alright. I guess it's alright. BUT I am walking around town and I want to be comfortable, maybe I should just put on my vans or would converse be better?6. I put on the vans. Nah, I've been wearing trainers a lot recently, I want something different. I'm gonna put the boots back on but I'm ditching the pink socks. 7. Shit I'm late, boots it is. Now I need to sort my hair out.
A lot of unnecessary thoughts play in my mind most mornings when deciding what to wear, sometimes it's as easy as plucking clothes out from your wardrobe and you already know what to wear. Other times you sit there not feeling the clothes you already have and end up wearing the same outfit from the other day because you know it worked and you felt good in it. A red dress with huge cold shoulder ruffles matched with blue boots looks comical on paper but IRL it's actually truly wearable. THE ART TO UPSTAGING A STATEMENT DRESSThis past week I've had a massive clear out of my room. This clear out turned work out took about 5 days which would have been a hell of a lot easier if I wasn't a secret hoarder of all things nostalgic. I'm talking about a cumulative collection of birthday cards starting from when I was 13, memorable because a friend had given me a card with a printed out old school Ronaldo pic. Needless to say I obsessed over him during my teens and it passed my culling. I soon stopped writing birthday cards to my friends and family as in my head, it was just uneconomical. They'll read it, keep it for a few weeks and eventually throw it away (in the recycling bin I hope, global warming is real in spite of Trump's incredilous opinion) but it never occurred to me that there may be more like minded people who'd keep these trivial pieces of sentiment for years on end. The old precept used to be that whatever shoes I could fit in shoe boxes, I will and the rest would just have to be on full display much like the Selfridges sale. The problem of trying to figure out which pairs of shoes you put in which box comes at a later date. This of course limits the amount of 'walkable' space which I didn't realize I needed until now where I have a comfortable little cupboard stored full of my footwear and my clothes folded in their designated drawers under my bed. It's only when I stack them next to each other where there's a blurred line before I realize I have a zeal of zebras stockpiled into my drawers rather than variances of striped tops. THE ART TO UPSTAGING A STATEMENT DRESSTHE ART TO UPSTAGING A STATEMENT DRESSTHE ART TO UPSTAGING A STATEMENT DRESSDress, zara/ boots, dune/ bag, stella mccartney

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