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The Great Blog Wars

Posted on the 02 August 2017 by Skip1957 @skip1957
The pros of writing on Blogger... not the most socially motivated and inter actionable site, the cons of Blogger...not the most socially motivated and inter actionable site...
Yes folks, we are in a dayumed if you do, dayumed if you don't situation here. 

Many people who I do interact with on a daily basis, I had met long before I started to write here. We all came from various social blogging sites, where the people were plenty, the blogs were few, and the interactions were more like wars than conversations.

We, or at least myself, found many of these sites often had their own little cliques who would "gang up" on other bloggers that either didn't kiss their asses and tell them how wonderful their works were, or they were of a different political opinion, or a different religious opinion, or just plain didn't like you. 

Hell, I was no choir boy myself, and often found myself in the mix of these foolish little wars, many consisting of posting nasty comments till you would get blocked, and if so, writing a revenge/get even post. The cycle would often continue, never getting anywhere, and usually no solution. 

I have mellowed a bit over the years, but still drop in on some of those old war zones. They haven't changed, just a few different players who are playing/fighting. I dropped in today to an old site and found two of my old friends had a falling out over something completely childish, and I just backed out and away slowly, hoping no one would notice I was even there. 

In the end, it all comes down to facts. Facts don't change. If you are wrong, and the facts prove you are wrong, then dayum... get the fuck over it and admit you are wrong. I blog for a few reasons, one is to clear the garbage that has piled up in my head, the other is for fun. Arguing and fighting isn't fun, that's why I actually enjoy some of the anonymity of Blogger. 

I do miss talking with all my friends in one place though. Something with Blogger doesn't happen often. Thanks to Google, we do have G plus, where we do bump into each other from time to time.  

The Great Blog Wars

Come join us, we'd love to have you!

Since I did want to try and socialize Blogger a little more, I started a group/community in Google plus, if you write on Blogger and are interested in joining our little community, we'd be glad to have you. No Fees, were free! All it costs for admission is to stop by with a little of your time and join us. BB84CBJNBGNM

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