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The Grief of a Panipuri Wala !!!

Posted on the 17 May 2012 by Unforgettable
Babu , a street vendor selling panipuri (golgappa or gupchup), commonly known as Babu Gol Gappe wala by his permanent customers, even used as a landmark by some to recognize the place), has claimed of incurring losses in excess of Rupees one lakh  per year due to his women customers insisting on extra paani (flavored and salted water) and free puri (hollow and fried bread) without paying extra for those delicacies.
“They give commercially irrational excuses like ‘Bhaiya, ek aur de do na, bachchi maang rahi hai’ or simply insist on getting extra puris (Papdi) for free just because they have bought and consumed a few earlier,” Sometimes, they ask for some ‘chutney’ for free to be consumed by them at home with various dishes. And they keep on taking the same as soon as they finish the previous packet. “You can’t deny a woman”, he added which is true to its sense while sharing his grief and frustration. This much of panipuri is eaten for free in a month, he showed while pointing to his stock set aside. “They even claim wrong number of puris they had consumed earlier; they would claim to have eaten just 5 panipuris even after gulping down 10,” he exposed the dishonest tricks employed by some of his customers, most of whom he insists are women, to fleece him. And this is done more when customers encircling him are more and everyone is forwarding his/her plate to get the only ‘gappa’ in his hand considering it the most delicious. The person getting it in his/her plate gets the royal feeling as he/she is honoured to receive it in his/her plate. Sometimes, even they indulge into quarrels to get the next ‘gappa’ by claiming their turn which makes it more difficult to account for everyone’s takings.
Other tricks or strategies adopted by these women include repeatedly asking for additional dry puris with stuffing as complementary offering, and asking for replacement of defective or diminutive puris even after happily eating those ones, the harassed vendor claimed. And every other person wanting ‘bhalla papdi’(Dahi bhalla chaat) wants me to give more of all the contents to him/her. They name each and every content to add more of its quantity while he prepares it. Some customers even resort to cheap tricks of taking the utensils used to serve them including spoon. After putting up with these losses for the last eight years, Babu has now finally decided to speak against this exploitation as the only thing he feels good about in his work is that he gets surrounded by beautiful women as soon as he starts his business in the evening. ;) which is the reason he’s still continuing the same.

Let’s see what all his women customers have to say about these charges put on them by the innocent vendor. :P

So all you women consuming Golgappe, Dahi chaat and bhalle papdi are requested to clarify the matter produced above considering it as a communication with Mr. Babu.

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