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Posted on the 03 June 2017 by Skip1957 @skip1957
Yes folks, The LGBT has started adding letters, if they keep going, their letterhead alone, will take up the whole sheet of paper, before any writing can be added. It wasn't enough to just be the LGBT community, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community, now they have officially added Queer to their name, but I say why stop there? 

No folks, DQ does not stand for Dairy Queen, at least not in this case.It stands for Drag Queen. So why not add D Q to it and get it all over with. After all, someone, has decided that having a drag queen show at an elementary school was a good idea. I'm sure that idea is right up there with throwing gas on the fire. 

Now before anyone wants to take me out and draw and quarter me, I have no problem with the gay community. As long as they don't try to "convert" me. If they become like jehovahs and mormans, going door to door, trying to shove their way of life down my throat, then I will have a problem with them... or I should say, they will have a problem with me. 

As to transgenders, I really don't understand them. I think if they are one thing, and want to be another, that's just fine, but at the end of the beer drinking, they had better end up in the right washroom.I don't care if your wearing a fucking dress, if you have a dick hanging between your legs, you fuck off to the mens washroom, and not interupt my wife, or my grand daughter in the ladies room. If you want to peep, go watch internet porn. 

 Now Queers, isn't that what people called gays? I had thought they didn't like that expression, are they now going backwards in their thinking? Just another thing I don't understand. 

Oh boy! drag queens..... Just another name for sick individuals to play dress up. They are  usually men who I have to assume just haven't made their minds up to whether they are gay, or want to be women. I think this is one example of human, that should stay in the fucking closet, till they finally decide. 

I don't think they belong in an elementary school, reading stories to impressionable children, or putting on a "show" for them. 

Who the hell was the idiot that decided this was a good idea. I also want to know if they still have their job? If they do, their bosses are idiots too. The whole fucking works of them should have been fired. 

A childs life can be complicated enough, so someone has decided to try and confuse them more? WHY? 

This is only my own theory, or conclusion, but whoever did decide this was a good idea, hasn't children of their own, secretly doesn't like children, are closet drag queens themselves, or hates their boss and their job.

Well folks, if you took the time to watch, I'd really appreciate your opinion.... just remember, Don't Kill the Messenger... :)


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