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The Mind

Posted on the 24 April 2013 by Aritrasen


Unfathomable are the depths,

With a heart of itself,

My mind, lies complicated like the Fourier....

As it casts down a spell.

Stratified into distinct layers

It gives birth to ideas

Which crawls and creeps slowly,

Like nightcrawlers.

A fighting attitude shines by itself-

As dense feelings coagulate easily.

Idle it is when unperturbed

Crowded with abstract thoughts

Burdened by responsibilities

Queued by duties.

Memories are often like the Tempest,

Shaking my psyche from its roots.

Hilarious incidents prick my brain,

Remorse gives it pain.

Tranquility resides the arms of satiety

As confusion questions my wit!!

My mind-

Small in size,

Large in content.

Soft, witty, caring 

But firm and resolute.

Strengthening the bond

Between soul and body,

It harnesses the precious values,

And glares on to the future.

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