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The Misuse Of The Word "Coexist"

Posted on the 07 May 2012 by Sarahkasm @Sarahkasm
To coexist,
And not exist,
Is half the living
You should live.
They ask for coexistence
In return for ceasing resistance
In return for acceptance
Forging good will with forgery
If you agree, you perjure yourself
Or else
Your very people's existence does not mean much to you.
Coexistence is just another word
To counter the persistence
Of original inhabitants
Defined as just the "natives"
Driven away
From their grandfather's land
Excuses used for the abuse:
Savages and what not
Have they forgotten
The definition of savage?
Talk about pots pointing fingers
At innocent kettles.
I could be talking about history
Then again
If you haven't noticed
Slavery was never abolished.
Don't think they don't know
Where the missing women and children are.
They describe these times
As post-apartheid
Where black, yellow, red, brown, white, blue,
Name every color that coexists
Muslim and Jew and Christian and Hindu
To name a few
But these are not the post times
This has been peri-limbo for quite a while.
I am weary
Of their sorry excuse of a word
I prefer to remove the co;
Live and let live
No one has ever existed alone.
The Misuse Of The Word
The Misuse Of The Word
The Misuse Of The Word

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