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The Sequel Struggle

Posted on the 24 August 2015 by Cfohe @FoHe
Let’s be frank the hardest part of self-publishing your book is marketing. I’m a writer not a PR specialist and while I strive to be active on every possible social media forum, I’m certainly also not a marketing expert (theatre and theology studies don't prepare you for that).For those whom I have managed to get my title to, I already have demands for when the sequel is coming out; is it finished? What happens next? Well here’s the trouble; The Sequel is in the works, it is not finished, and you’ll have to wait to find out what happen’s next (sorry).As I struggle to complete the sequel in a timely fashion (not that writing itself is a struggle) I’m also trying to balance it with the novel promotion. What good is my second book for the series if I can’t get the right incline and interest on Awakening. 
Those who have purchased the book and read it! I thank you, the encouragement I have received thus far has been inspiring. Though editing errors aside -insert accidental period joke here- over all I have received wonderful and constructive feedback.I've heard the best PR is word of mouth, having friends, family, colleagues read the book and recommend it to their friends, strangers, colleagues etc. Which is hard to monitor. I have been lucky enough to have a support group of friends and family but also looked to expand the distribution.Any marketing recommendations? 

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