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The New American Idol

Posted on the 24 May 2012 by Epitome_of_beauty @mph_la_gioconda

Phillip Phillips made it!

The new American Idol

He is such an amazing performer, I will not compare him to Jessica Sanchez because I might become a “Kontrabida” (“Villain” in English) to all the avid fans of Jessica, if I’m gonna say he’s way better than her. 

I am also one of Jessica’s supporters for she is a half Filipina (say “Kababayan”), but then again didn’t mean that she’s my fave all throughout the competition. She had her winning, shinning, glorious moments, but there also some not so good performances so as Phillip Phillips. But then again I thought that there is still room for her to grow, and besides she’s only 16 definitely a lot more to come for her in the future. (Just like Taylor Swift who started at 16 and way up she goes now as the “Woman of the year” for the Billboard Music Awards)

As I could recall Morrie says (on Tuesday’s with Morrie) ;

“What’s wrong with being number 2?”

-By the way, this is my fave performance of Phillip Phillips - We’ve got tonight

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