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The New Year Special.

Posted on the 04 January 2016 by Lucyvictoria
Happy New Year to one and All!
It may be 'back to reality time' and yes, it hits us with a thud; but I do hope that everybody has had a smashing Christmas and NYE. I'm not big on NYE I have to say..never have been, but I had always tend to have a great time with family or friends. This year has been no different :-)
Now, if you follow my blog at all, you'll know that a) I've been really trying [she says trepidatiously] to maximise my blog postings more but I hope to become more frequent! and b) 2015 hasn't been one of my greatest of years due to lets call it, a breakdown, basically. No shame in it.
How I've carried on with any normality and fun in my life is beyond me…but I suppose that is where your support network and inner strength comes in & I have that in abundance.         BIG shout out to the mother dearest, as she really is a constant support. We have had massive arguments and disagreements, but she's always there. Can't thank her enough.
From working within mental health...and suffering myself with issues {HA}, I know how crucial it is to have lots of support around you, but also understanding that not everyone has this due to the heinous lack of mental health services, lack of a social/family network and the poor knowledge that bystanders can have of MH. This in itself is such a vicious cycle.If you struggle with MH issues, you will totally get where I'm coming from and I really hope some of my posts have helped people understand. My brother said an insightful thing the other day- He knows that I've now been diagnosed with GAD- anxiety in lamest terms. He likened my dilemma to the fact that "She can't help her emotions taking over; it's just that in this moment she can't work out how to help herself reach her goals again" - I'm sure many people can relate to that. 
It is difficult for people to understand, I appreciate that but I do wish some could try to. Don't you? 
The way I see it is I know what I want from life & I know how to get it, but over the past year, it became misty. Like a barrier of fog, in which I hit and then can't get through, you know? It seems to be lifting though, thank god.   
The New Year Special.I realised a lot of things over Christmas. I've been beginning to feel much more positive again; more like myself :-DNone of us can help hitting brick walls and falling prey to the pressure, but where does that get you? Miserable. That's it. Life changes, people change and lets face it, humans aren't fantastic with change. Especially when you've put up with so much of it!!!
So, Instagram has offered this #2015bestnine. Here's mine: 
The New Year Special.
I'm not a New Year's resolution kinda girl but usually I tend to resolve to be more physically fit & eat more healthily. Blah blah! External pressures in society can make living life extremely difficult, but it's our outlook which changes that. Looking at the geographic of my most "liked" photos on Insta, fitness is certainly something I need to improve upon; more MH inspiration along with relationship chat. 

Remember, it's only you who can have the self-confidence and determination to change things for the better. You can only achieve things if you rely on the experience you've gained from past failures to make sure you experience nothing but success today. Easily done! Here's to 2016 lovely ones!  

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