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The Other Side of the Massapequa Preserve

Posted on the 25 July 2016 by Lily Hydrangea
The other side of the Massapequa Preserve
Last weekend was only the second time I rode the Bethpage Bikeway towards the northern shore of Long Island. Normally I walk or bike the South shore part of the trail through theMassapequa Preserve. When I googled a map of the bikeway to try and see exactly where I was headed, I found out the entire trail is also referred to as the Bethpage Bikeway. I also discovered this great website called TrailLink where you can see the route I took as well as other bike trails on Long Island.
Though this part of the trail that I rode my bike on didn't have the water views I am used to seeing on its southerly side, it has at least a few hills that make your heart pump extra  - accompanied by these gorgeous sky views, which also look way better in person. And it's all free!

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