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The Painterly World of Vivi Hanson

Posted on the 15 June 2013 by Art Of Mob @artofmob

Vivi HansonThe best part about mobile photography is community.  I’ve “met” some of the nicest people through this art form and one of the nicest by far is Vivi “Veevs” Hanson.  Her painterly photographs are an inspiration – I’m so pleased to be able to share her work here.

The Colourful Neal's Yard © Veevs

The Colourful Neal’s Yard (above)

Geri:  What is your name and where do you live?

Veevs:  I am Vivi (Veevs) Hanson.  I am Peruvian (from Lima) but now live in the UK in West London

Geri:   When did you get started in mobile photography?

Veevs:  I started in May 2011 with an iPod Touch, discovered Hipstamatic and iPhoneography and got totally hooked!  I progressed to an iPhone 3GS and now use my iPhone 4S.

Slow Shutter Gaudi 1 © Veevs

Slow Shutter Gaudi 1 (above)

Where's my ride? © Veevs

Where’s My Ride? (above)

Geri:  Do you have a traditional photography or art background?

Veevs:  No photography or creative background at all! 

Geri:  Who or what inspires you?

Veevs:  The whole iPhoneography community inspires me.  So many talented and creative people!

Cantering Beauties © Veevs

Cantering Beauties (above)

Down Las Ramblas Way © Veevs

Down Las Ramblas Way (above)

Geri:  Do you plan your shoots or do you create your work from scenes you happen upon in your daily life?

Veevs:  I don't plan my shoots but if weather is good (difficult in the UK!) I like to go out walking or riding my bike locally.  I also participate with Instagrammers London so am lucky to get into London frequently to take lots of photos.

Faceless © Veevs

Faceless (above)

Valerie in St Basils © Veevs

Valerie in St. Basil’s (above)

Geri:  Do you have an end in mind when you edit, or does the work evolve as your create it?

Veevs:  No no end in mind, once I have taken my photos I transfer them all to my PC to check them out.  Then those that I want to edit get moved to my iPad.  My main style is Painterly so I look for good photos to use that style.  But I am also trying to learn street photography so try to take photos of people which I can then edit.

Heading up © Veevs

Heading up (above)

Dressed up for the sevens © Veevs

Dressed up for the sevens (above)

Geri:  What are some of your favorite editing apps?

Veevs:  Snapseed is my main go-to editing app.  My other favorites are Glaze, Slow Shutter Cam, Distressed FX, Modern Grunge, Scratchcam FX, PhotoToaster, PhotoCopier, Vintage Scene and Iris Photo Suite for blending.

Meandering © Veevs

Meandering (above)

Nighttime at the fair © Veevs

Nighttime at the Fair (above)

Reflections under the bridge © Veevs

Reflections under the bridge (above)

Geri:  Please share a bit about  your editing process.

Veevs:  I always start every photo I edit with Snapseed, do some cropping, tuning, detail and drama.  Depending on the photo I may add a bit of grunge.  If I want to do a painterly look I will run image through either Glaze  Distressed FX  PhotoCopier  PhotoToaster  Scratchcam FX.  I usually save several versions.  I then use Iris (on the iPad) to blend between all versions, blend a bit with the original too and brush on or off some of the effect.  One of my favorite shooting apps is Hipstamatic  and I also edit those photos.  My other favorite style is shooting with Slow Shutter Cam then adding a lot of textures to the resulting image.

Slow Walk © Veevs

Slow Walk (above)

St Pauls © Veevs

St. Paul’s (above)

St Paul's across the river © Veevs

St. Paul’s across the river (above)

Geri:  Your work includes various subjects, do you have a favorite?

Veevs:  This is a tough question!  Living close to the river I love to photograph the riverside and boats.  I also love buildings and in particular iconic London areas, especially the beautiful London Eye and St Paul's Cathedral.

Geri:  Have you ever exhibited your work?

Veevs:  I exhibited in the Iconic London 2012 exhibition, had an image on MobilePixation and also honorary mentions in the Mobile Photography Awards.

Street Entertainment © Veevs

Street Entertainment (above)

The London Eye © Veevs

The London Eye (above)

Geri:  Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Veevs:  I would like to thank you Geri for featuring me in your wonderful blog which promotes amazing mobile photographers!  Love your work - you are so talented!

Geri:  Thanks my dear! ♥

Alleyway to the Light © Veevs

Alleyway to the Light (above)

Find Veevs:  Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / iPhoneArt / EyeEm / Oggl (veevs) / Flickr

All images in this feature are copyrighted property of Vivi Hanson published on iART CHRONiCLES with the consent of the artist.

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